Jumat, 22 Maret 2013


I was surfing 'bout PTS and got this blog http://www.xinnosuke.com/ so cooooolll..
I always interest in art especially draw any manga or chibi or else..
I always envy >,<

I wanna drawing agaaaaaaiinnn..
Assssshh.. so angry if I thinked I cant draw anymore,,

Somebody gimme power, gimme any support for make me wanna draw again  ......

Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Full Metal Panic !

I would tell about Full Metal Panic in this post.
Check It out guys :)

Well, It is 1 of much anime that I like.
Do you know anime right ? Anime is cartoon that made by Japan (y)
I know the title is Full Metal Panic! at Hiragana's wrote フルメタル·パニック! Furumetaru Panikku!, or we can shortly be FMP!

It is one of Anime who prove that the technology always development.
Main character Sergeant Sousuke Sagara with Arbalest ARX-7 who always commpanny Sergeant Major, Melissa Mao, and Sergeant Kurz Weber. Sousuke got command for protect Kaname Chidori who suppose to be a  Wishper (People who have a special ability at order to the pilot ).
Sousuke Sagara have been war from *8th years. And than to be volunteer in an organization who name  Mythril and got paid a half price from an ordinary army.

Mythril submarine captained by Teletha Testarossa who has a brother who beranama Leonard Tetrarossa. Sousuke Sagara is a former ex geriliyawan war Helmajistan (northern Afghanistan version of Full Metal Panic). He was the sole survivor of a plane crash in Russia area. Thought to have the power of Lambda Driver, Andrei Kalinin (former KGB agent) to save himself and sent it to Mahjid ntuk war. Then he participated in the Western Pacific Fleet of Mithril Non Govermental Anti Terrorist Group. With uruz 7 The code provided by the ship's captain Tuata De Danaan (western pacific fleet mother ship) Captain Tessa (Teletha Testarossa), he was told to protect Kaname Chidori high school girl named because he has the power of Lambda drivers targeted by Soviet and other.

And It is Sergeant Sagara Sasouke :)

Kaname Chidori

Teletha Testarossa

Information :

Full Metal Panic!

(Furumetaru Panikku!)
GenreAction, Mecha, Komedi Romantik
Author Shoji Gato
Ilustrator Shiki Doji
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
English's PublisherBendera Kanada Bendera Amerika Serikat Tokyopop
Another Publisher
Bendera Hong Kong Bendera Makau Bendera Republik Cina Kadokawa Media (Taiwan)

Bendera Korea Selatan Daiwon C.I.

Nah, If you wanna download this anime. You can download in here :)

Just enjoy it..

Tengkyuu so much :)

Holla Again

Long Time no posting in heree..
well, I'm kinda busy 'cuz short of my homework *sighs*
anybody wanna help me ? :D
and Can I say that I'm lazy for surfing in internet. hehe

Yeah, I still Watch Running Man Of course, and I download Anime. It's Full Metal Panic.
Its so good good Anime.
Euum, its about a group of army who got command for protect a girl.
Asssh, maybe next post I would try for tell about this anime :)

And, I search a video about reality show, And it is one of realty show in my country.
Name is "Tukul jalan-jalan". I interest in it 'cuz February, Crew and he came to my provincy. This realty show tell about mistic, horror, and something that have relation with it. Acctually I dont like horror. Excatly. But, cuz it in our provincy. So I wanna watch it ahahaa

Well, I would tell aout this reality at next post.

I would

And. Beside Lee Seung Gi. I like 1 person again.
Its Song Joong Ki :D

sstt Its secret between us okkaay :D