Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

Holla Again

Long Time no posting in heree..
well, I'm kinda busy 'cuz short of my homework *sighs*
anybody wanna help me ? :D
and Can I say that I'm lazy for surfing in internet. hehe

Yeah, I still Watch Running Man Of course, and I download Anime. It's Full Metal Panic.
Its so good good Anime.
Euum, its about a group of army who got command for protect a girl.
Asssh, maybe next post I would try for tell about this anime :)

And, I search a video about reality show, And it is one of realty show in my country.
Name is "Tukul jalan-jalan". I interest in it 'cuz February, Crew and he came to my provincy. This realty show tell about mistic, horror, and something that have relation with it. Acctually I dont like horror. Excatly. But, cuz it in our provincy. So I wanna watch it ahahaa

Well, I would tell aout this reality at next post.

I would

And. Beside Lee Seung Gi. I like 1 person again.
Its Song Joong Ki :D

sstt Its secret between us okkaay :D

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